Wyoming Senate Bill 6 – AN ACT creating a tolling program; . . . granting tolling authority for Interstate 80

Bill No.:
SF 0006
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AN ACT relating to highways; creating a tolling program; granting powers to the transportation commission; defining duties of the transportation commission and the department of transportation; granting tolling authority for interstate 80; providing for the review of tolling plans; creating an account; granting bonding authority; requiring accounting and reporting; authorizing loans from the state highway fund; providing rulemaking authority; allowing assistance between state agencies; and providing for an effective date.

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UPDATE February 11, 2020: The bill failed introduction to the Senate on a 11 to 18 vote.

Senate Bill 6 was introduced December 10, 2019. It was assigned a number, but hasn’t been referred to a senate committee yet.

The bill creates a tolling authority for Interstate 80 across the state. The NMA is opposed to converting existing highways and roads — which have already been paid for by motorists through the per gallon fuel tax — into toll roads. Toll roads are an inefficient, backwards approach to providing public highways. Worse, they foster corruption, political patronage, and discourage needed improvements on the rest of the highway system. More information can be found here.


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