Virginia SB 1521 – Handheld photo speed monitoring devices

Bill No.:
SB 1521
Bill Location:
VirginiaGovernors' Office
Bill Title:

Handheld photo speed monitoring devices

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UPDATE April 4, 2019: Gov. Northam returned the bill to the legislature which agreed with his added provisions, namely that the bill must pass the scrutiny of a legal/constitutional review of how the photo ticket revenue would be handled. Once that is done, and presumably passes muster, another vote to allow speed cameras in Virginia will be staged for 2020.

UPDATE February 20, 2019: Governor’s Action Deadline Midnight, March 25, 2019

UPDATE February 13, 2019: House amendment agreed to by Senate vote 30 to 8. The bill will be forwarded to the governor’s office for consideration.

UPDATE February 7, 2019: After passage by the Senate, the bill was referred to the House Transportation Committee which reported it favorably with a 20 to 2 vote.

SB 1521 was introduced to the Senate and referred to the Transportation Committee on January 8, 2019. Transportation reported the bill to the Senate with a 10Y to 3N vote after adding an amendment. The full Senate voted 40-Y, 0-N on January 30, 2019.

The bill provides that the Department of State Police may operate a handheld photo speed monitoring device, defined in the bill, in or around a highway work zone for the purpose of recording images of vehicles that are traveling at speeds of at least 12 miles per hour above the posted highway work zone speed limit within such highway work zone when (i) workers are present and (ii) such highway work zone is indicated by appropriately placed signs displaying the maximum speed limit and the use of such handheld automated speed monitoring device. The bill also provides that the operator of a vehicle shall be liable for a monetary civil penalty, not to exceed $125, if such vehicle is found to be traveling at speeds of at least 12 miles per hour above the posted highway work zone speed limit by the handheld photo monitoring device.

The NMA is opposed to automated speed enforcement for these reasons.


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