Utah SB 80 – Traffic Pattern Amendments

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Traffic Pattern Amendments

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UPDATE March 14, 2019: Filed in Senate file for bills not passed

UPDATE March 11, 2019: Senate/ committee report/ sent to Senate Rules Committee

SB 80 was introduced to the Senate on January 18, 2019 and subsequently assigned to the Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee. The committee has set a February 4, 2019 initial hearing date.

This bill  would prohibit a person driving a vehicle from entering an intersection, regardless of an indication of a traffic control device, if the person is unable to proceed completely through the intersection to avoid the impediment of traffic in the intersection. While there are certainly instances when vehicles legally entering an intersection can’t continue through before hindering the right of way of cross traffic, a much more common situation is when multiple cars line up for a left turn on green. SB 80 would force drivers in queue to stay out of the intersection until the each individual left-turning vehicle in front of them has made the turn. This can greatly reduce the throughput of an intersection, at times allowing only one vehicle to turn left per green cycle of the traffic signal.

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