Sweetwater, Florida: Vote YES on May 14th Red-Light Camera Ballot Question

Dear NMA Sweetwater, Florida Members,

On May 14th, please vote YES on a Sweetwater ballot question concerning red-light cameras.

Please send this email alert to all your neighbors and friends and ask them to do the same.

Here is the ballot question:

Amending City Charter Prohibiting the Authority of the Mayor to Enter into Red-Light Camera Contracts:

Shall the Charter be amended to prohibit the Mayor’s authority to extend, renew or enter into any and all red-light camera contracts after the expiration of the City’s existing red-light camera contract?

Yes ____

No  ____

The present Section 4.01 of the City Charter entitled “Powers and duties of mayor,” more specifically section (d) of the City Charter entitled “Specific authority of mayor” be amended by adding the underscored text:

Proposed Amendment

(d)(12) Not have any authority to enter into any extensions, renewals, or contracts providing for red-light camera or any system of cameras which would result in citations for the residents of the City of Sweetwater.

Also, if you have time we encourage you to write letters to your local paper and get the word out any way you can to encourage your neighbors to vote Yes.

Thank you for your support of motorist rights and the National Motorists Association!

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