Support SD 2185 TODAY!

Support SD 2185 which would eliminate the front license plate in Massachusetts
Dear NMA Massachusetts Members,

Don Donovan and Rich Carlson (NMA member)  have, for the fourth time, submitted a single license plate bill (SD.2185) for consideration and it has recently been sent to the Joint Committee on Rules for consideration. If your state senator or representative is on the committee, please ask him or her to support the change.

Carlson, however, advises that there is a “slim to no chance” of the bill making it out of this committee. “We’ve learned that there’s a powerful interest in keeping the front plates in the form of a lobby by 3M, the maker of plate blanks, who stand to lose millions in sales if the front plates are eliminated”.

Carlson and Donovan advise there is another way of accomplishing this — if enough people contact Governor Baker and ask him to do what Governor Dukakis did in 1977 and issue an executive order to the Registrar to issue only one plate. “This single executive order immediately saves $2 million per year in a year that the state is facing a $616 million deficit in 2018”, said Donovan.

Please contact your representative and in the meantime, we also ask all Massachusetts members to contact Governor Baker at
and urge him to save money by eliminating the front plates.

Find your state rep here:

See Rich on Jon Keller’s “What a Waste” segment here:

Contact Rich for talking points at

Thank you for your support of motorists’ right in Massachusetts!

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