Regulators Want to Know if Cameras Should Replace Car Mirrors: Deadline for Comments—December 9, 2019

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) seeks public and industry input on whether future light and heavy vehicles should have camera monitoring systems to replace rear- and side-view mirrors.

In 2014, Tesla Inc. and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers petitioned the NHTSA to allow cameras in lieu of traditional mirrors. They cited that replacing the cameras would improve fuel economy through reduced aerodynamic drag and improve rear and side visibility inside the car.

The NHTSA has been studying this idea for 10 years already and found in 2017 tests that prototype cameras monitoring systems were generally usable in most situations. Officials stated that the cameras produced better quality images than mirrors at both dusk and dawn. The potential flaws found included:

  • Displays too bright at night
  • Distorted images from the camera lenses when obscured by raindrops

Please read this information from the Federal Register for more details and on how to submit a comment.

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After you make a comment directly to the Federal Register, please consider sending a copy to us via email to the NMA National Office, [email protected]. We are interested in the general sentiment among members on the mirror vs. camera issue.

Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights and your support of the NMA!

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