Payment Assurance Devices under Scrutiny: NMA E-Newsletter #428

The Federal Trade Commission has started an investigation into the practice of auto lenders equipping new vehicles with GPS and other devices. A payment assurance device attached to a vehicle’s ignition allows finance companies to remotely and instantly disable the vehicle and prevent it from being driven. If a car goes missing, lenders can use […]

California Members: Oppose AB 342 which would bring Automatic Speed Cameras to CA

Dear California NMA Members, This is for your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! AB-342, the bill that would allow speed cameras to be used in California, will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection next Tuesday the 28th. AB-342 does not simply allow enforcement of speed laws using an automated enforcement system rather […]

The Politics of Roadblocks: NMA E-Newsletter #427

In Montana, one state lawmaker has taken aim at random roadblocks. House Bill 146 would require law enforcement to give at least 48 hours public notice, which includes information to the news media, before setting up temporary road blocks. HB146 has already passed nearly unanimously in both the state house and senate and is now […]

Ban Red-Light Cameras in Texas

Dear Texas NMA Members, Here is a message from, a protest group fighting automatic traffic enforcement in Texas.  When it comes to “no brainer” legislative items, a ban on automatic ticket cameras, like red light cameras should be a slam dunk. It’s not everyday that lawmakers get to champion a cause that is constitutional […]

DUI Laws Update Part 3: Punish At Any Cost: NMA E-Newsletter #426

A member from North Carolina recently was convicted of a DUI. His story is all too familiar: A 40-year safe driving record with no tickets, lost his job because of the DUI, dealing with the cost/hassle of an ignition interlock on his car, restricted to work-related driving and, after losing auto insurance coverage, forced into a […]