Oppose Vision Zero Bills Now in the Texas Legislature

Dear Texas NMA Members,

We normally like to send alerts out on one bill at a time, but Vision Zero Supporters have been quite busy in the both the House and the Senate.  We recommend that you contact your elected representatives (especially if they sit on one of the Transportation Committees) and let them know why you oppose each of the bills as listed below.

Supporters want to bring Vision Zero concepts on a state wide basis and enshrining the principals into the Texas DOT.  The NMA believes that Vision Zero has a lofty goal of no traffic deaths but is unsustainable financially and brings safety expectations that are unreliable for all users of the road. Vision Zero policies will also lower speed limits (with traffic engineering) and bring traffic calming to the next level.

All of these bills have been assigned to the Transportation Committee or have yet been assigned.

Oppose the following bills:
The development of Vision Zero on a statewide basis.
HB 1677–allows for an 16 member Vision Zero Task Force (referred to House Transportation Committee)
SB 1245–allows for an 16 member Vision Zero Task Force (referred to Sentate Transportation Committee)
SCR 42 –a resolution that the TDOT adopt Vision Zero strategy (has not been assigned to a committee yet)

Here are some other bills to keep tabs on:

Two bills that would change the default speed limits in urban areas statewide (without traffic engineering studies) from 30 to 25 mph
HB 1368 (referred to House Transportation Committee) This is called the Safe Neighborhood Streets Bill
SB 1244 this bill only changes one thing in the law–the speed limit to 25 mph.

An alternative bill to the above would allow instead each city to separately lower its speed limit to 25 mph. if passed, cities would also not be required to repost new speed limit signs on every block.
HB 1745 (referred to House Transportation Committee)
and SB 2102

SB 2103 would lower the speed limit that cities are allowed to use for pilot neighborhoods from 25 to 20 mph. Has not yet been assigned a committee.

HB 1236 and SB 1274 would create a statewide rule for how closely drivers are allowed to overtake people walking or biking.

Here are the House Transportation Committee Members

Chair: Rep. Geanie W. Morrison
Vice Chair: Rep. Armando Martinez
Members: Rep. Cindy Burkett
Rep. Yvonne Davis
Rep. Craig Goldman
Rep. Celia Israel
Rep. Ina Minjarez
Rep. Larry Phillips
Rep. Joseph Pickett
Rep. Ron Simmons
Rep. Ed Thompson
Rep. Senfronia Thompson
Rep. John Wray

Here are the Senate Transportation Committee Members

Position Member
Chair: Sen. Robert Nichols
Vice Chair: Sen. Bob Hall
Members: Sen. Brandon Creighton
Sen. Sylvia Garcia
Sen. Kelly Hancock
Sen. Juan Hinojosa
Sen. Lois W. Kolkhorst
Sen. Charles Perry
Sen. José R. Rodríguez

To find the contact information of your own elected official, Click HERE! and look for the info portal in the lower right hand corner.

Thank you for your support of the National Motorists Association!

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