NMA needs your input on MA Cashless Tolling

Dear NMA Massachusetts Members,

Last October the Massachusetts Turnpike switched to all-electronic tolling (AET). Now that state commuters are several months into traveling a cashless turnpike, we are interested in hearing your feedback — positive or negative — on how that is working out for drivers. More states will undoubtedly be transitioning to AET in the coming years so it is a topic that will be of interest to most NMA members.

There is the convenience aspect to cashless toll roads but there is also the potential for unpleasant surprises because the cost of the toll for each AET “gate” can vary and is generally not known until after the vehicle owner has been billed. We’d be interested in your thoughts about that too.

Please send all your comments to nma@motorists.org by July 31, 2017.

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