NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #87

Post Labor Day Blues

If you were traveling this past Labor Day weekend there’s a chance you won the speed trap lottery and are now the not so happy possessor of a traffic ticket. Or, your wife/husband, girlfriend, son or daughter, friend, or co-worker was awarded a citation for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. All is not lost. Your ship is not yet sunk!

If you’re an NMA member there is a wealth of free information on fighting traffic tickets on the NMA website. The newest and most comprehensive offering is our new ebook, Fight That Ticket. Fight That Ticket takes you, step by step, through the entire process of challenging a traffic ticket. Starting right from the traffic stop and then planning your defense, gathering information, dealing with pre-trial conferences, making motions, trial procedures, questioning witnesses, and arguing your case.

If you’re a NMA member, this ebook is a benefit of your membership. We developed it with you in mind. (Non-members can purchase the ebook on our web site.)

If you wish to hire a traffic attorney, our website contains a state by state listing of attorneys who specialize in fighting traffic tickets. If you are a member of the NMA we also maintain an “in-house” list with additional attorneys who specialize in traffic law.

Just a reminder, any NMA member that receives a speeding ticket, pleads not guilty, fights that ticket in court and loses will be reimbursed up to $300 for the fine.


Want to find the speed traps in your neighborhood?
Check out the NMA’s speed trap registry at www.speedtrap.org.

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