NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #56

NMA E-Newsletters and E-Mail Alerts Now a Mouse-Click Away

When we began this free weekly e-newsletter service a year ago, we announced our goal:

To better serve our members, we will be sending out short e-mails with tips, news or brief commentaries once a week. We hope you will find this new service informative and entertaining.

Based on feedback from subscribers, the NMA e-newsletters are an unqualified success.  Newsletter topics have run the gamut:  traffic enforcement practices, ticket-fighting strategies, legislative developments, and other unique news of interest to the driving public including even, yes, issues with bambi.  Our readership has been quick to respond to each e-newsletter, providing opinions and perspective to the various subjects covered. 

The NMA is pleased to announce that an archive of all NMA E-Newsletters is now available at http://alerts.motorists.org/, free for the general public There is also bonus material:  NMA-issued national, state, and community e-mail alerts from July 2009 forward are also posted at this site.  These alerts were sent to members to notify them of news affecting drivers in their communities.  The issuance date is included with each alert and e-newsletter at alerts.motorists.org; this is particularly important when placing time-sensitive topics into proper context. 

The archive site has a standard search function, and we have tagged some of the material with keywords to make finding references easy and efficient.  We hope you not only explore the NMA material at http://alerts.motorists.org/ but also share it with anyone you know who has an interest in the range of motorist topics covered by the NMA.  The Forward to a Friend feature at the bottom of each e-newsletter is also a convenient way to distribute that specific issue to others. 

Another great feature of this archive is that you can assemble specific material by keyword into one link that can be forwarded to others.  Let’s say you live in Minnesota, but have friends in Florida you know would be interested in motorist news for their home state.  Send them the following link:  http://alerts.motorists.org/tag/florida.  Or you have a colleague who is particularly interested in NMA information on distracted driving, that link would be http://alerts.motorists.org/tag/distracteddriving.   

The general format for setting up such a link is http://alerts.motorists.org/tag/keyword, where “keyword” is one of those listed specifically at the alerts.motorists.org site.  Currently, keywords are tagged to email alerts at the site but not to the e-newsletters.  We expect to provide similar tags for the newsletters in the coming weeks. 

One more thing.  If you forward a link with NMA material, please include encouragement for them to join our association.  If they like the linked material, they will almost certainly enjoy the feature articles that appear in the bimonthly Driving Freedoms, along with some of the other benefits afforded to NMA members.  They can join us online at https://www.motorists.org/join/ or by calling the NMA National Office at 608-849-6000.

On a unrelated, but interesting note:
Check out the new design of our Speed Trap Exchange website which lists over 55,000 speed traps across the USA and Canada. Please help out the NMA and your fellow drivers by posting the speed traps in your area. Forward the site to your friends and get their input too!

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