NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #12

A Fight We Can Win

In our ongoing battle against ticket cameras there is no shortage of bad news as more communities look to automated enforcement for their economic salvation. Still, there is a very discernible shift in the political nature of this trend.

For starters, we have consistently peppered any reporter who has discussed ticket cameras with emails directing them to articles and research that clearly point out the real motives behind ticket cameras, as well as the negative consequences in terms of highway safety. Some reply, some don’t, but none of them ever argue with us.

We carry out a similar campaign with any politician that raises the subject of ticket cameras, most do not respond, but they are put on notice that they aren’t going to get a free ride promoting the ripping off of motorists with red light or speed cameras.

While not perfect, our attempts to collaborate with anyone or any organization against automated enforcement pays off in the exchange of information and targets for our publicity.

Of course we help individuals who are fighting tickets and we are always on the lookout for new strategies and legal arguments. The court cases we have funded have not yet been successful, but we continue to refine our legal attacks.

So what is the reason for claiming a shift in the political nature of this issue? Some states are moving to either prohibit ticket cameras or sharply curtailing their use through regulation.

For example, Mississippi just passed a law stopping the expansion of camera enforcement programs. Montana is moving in the same direction. Georgia recently passed a law requiring longer yellow lights at ticket camera intersections.

The results, so far, indicate that the cameras aren’t profitable with longer yellows (where did you hear that before?) and the cameras are coming down. We are also seeing local officials standing up on new hind legs and proclaiming that the cameras are just a gimmick to raise money, something we weren’t hearing from the same politicians a year ago. And, we are seeing more reporters and more articles treating our claims with respect. Public opinion is moving in our direction.

This is a fight we can win.

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