NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #110

Help Us Choose The New NMA Slogan

We have long described the NMA as a “Motorists Rights Organization” and we exercised that claim through our promotion of higher speed limits, better lane courtesy, opposition to road blocks and ticket cameras and a host of other initiatives, all intended to protect and enhance the interests of motorists.

Still, too many potential supporters just don’t understand what the NMA is all about.

We could write a book on the subject (in some ways, we have) but the casual or accidental visitor to our website isn’t going to read a book to see if he or she wants to join the NMA.

We need a simple slogan that captures the essence of the NMA and causes people to want to know more about what we do and why we do it.

We’d like you to help us.

If you go to this page [SURVEY CLOSED], there is a sampling of proposed slogans. We’d like to know which slogan you think would be most likely to convince your friends to join the National Motorists Association.

It’s pretty easy, just rate each slogan from one to ten, ten being the highest or best rating. If you would like to suggest a modified version of one or more of these slogans — or have the urge to send us your own creation — there’s space available to do so.

Thanks for the help!

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