NMA Connecticut Alert: Bill Would Pave the Way to Non-Stop Surveillance

We wanted to alert you to an alarming proposal working its way through the Connecticut General Assembly.
At the behest of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) industry, Connecticut legislators are considering Senate Bill 288, which would authorize a feasibility study to implant RFID chips into vehicle license plates. According to this account, the chips would enable real-time vehicle monitoring as well as automatic ticketing for lapsed registration, or emissions and insurance certification lapses. The chips would also make enforcement of speeding and red-light camera violations far more efficient.
According to one industry lobbyist, the RFID program would generate nearly $30 million in additional revenue annually, all on the backs of motorists. RFID poses a huge threat to individual privacy. Used in this way, it would enable round-the-clock surveillance of a driver’s every movement. Even with "safeguards" in place, the potential for abuse is enormous. (Learn more about RFID technology and its impact on privacy rights.)

The NMA opposes this bill in the strongest possible terms and objects to any attempt to track or spy on motorists.
SB 288 has already received the unanimous backing of the Joint Transportation Committee so it’s critical to act now to kill it. Your representatives may soft pedal this bill by saying it's "only a study." Don't buy it. If passed this bill could pave the way for unprecedented surveillance of motorists in Connecticut and across the country.

Contact your Senate and House members to tell them that under no circumstances will you ever allow your government to spy on you in this way.

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