New Mexico SB 359 – Max Speed Limit For Certain Trucks

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New MexicoAssembly / House
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Max Speed Limit For Certain Trucks

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UPDATE March 16, 2019: 2019 legislative session ended without action taken on bill

UPDATE March 13, 2019: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation with amendment(s).

UPDATE February 27, 2019: Referred to House Commerce & Economic Development Committee after passing Senate on 26 to 11 vote.

UPDATE February 18, 2019: Reported by committee with a “do pass” recommendations and amendments. Pending for the Corporations & Transportation Committee.

SB 359 was introduced to the New Mexico Senate on January 25, 2019. It has been referred to the Public Affairs Committee. A hearing on the bill has not been scheduled.

SB 359 would limit the highway speed of a truck tractor attached to a freight trailer to 60 mph. Many highways in the state are posted at 75 mph so this split speed limit could create a speed differential of 15 mph among certain types of traffic. The NMA is opposed to this bill for safety reasons.

Split speed limits, in which heavy trucks are assigned lower speed limits than lighter, surrounding traffic, are inherently (and provably) less safe than allowing all traffic to travel at comparable speeds. The NMA has joined the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association (OOIDA) in the past in condemning split limits. See the reasons here.

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