Needs Immediate Attention: Support New Jersey S486 by contacting Senate Transportation Committee Today!

Dear New Jersey NMA Members,

After 10 weeks of near-lockdown in New Jersey, some normal legislative business is resuming with committee hearings. While the public will not be allowed to attend the meeting in person and can view the hearing online, remote oral and emailed testimony is being accepted.

An important bill (S486) prohibiting the State from disclosing New Jersey driver’s license holders’ personal information to other states seeking to issue speed or red light camera citations is up for consideration by the Senate Transportation Committee on Thursday, June 4 at 2 PM. You are strongly encouraged to submit your show of support for the bill by sending email comments to the committee aid at [email protected].

This bill prohibits the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and other State entities from disclosing the personal information of New Jersey drivers to another state for the purpose of allowing the other state to impose or collect a fine resulting from an alleged violation committed in that state and captured by a red light camera or a speed control device.

The bill defines “personal information” to mean any information that identifies an individual, and may include an individual’s photograph, social security number, driver identification number, name, address, or telephone number.

This bill will protect you from receiving automated enforcement tickets when you are outside of New Jersey since the state won’t be able to provide the information the outside state needs to send you the violation notice. After all, New Jersey ended its red light camera pilot program over five years ago and banned speed cameras long before that so the state can’t in all fairness subject its citizens to unsanctioned enforcement from other states.

Again, you are strongly encouraged to submit comments of support for S486 via email to [email protected] by Thursday morning, if not sooner. Your written comments will be included in the committee record and distributed to the committee members. Please sign off your comments with your name and the city or town you live in.

If you have experienced issues with automated enforcement tickets in New Jersey or elsewhere that offer a good example of the injustice that the bill shields you from, please mention it in your comments.

You only have a short time to provide your comments. Comments received before 8 AM on Thursday, June 4 are guaranteed to make it to the record but those received before noon will likely make it too.

Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights and the National Motorists Association!

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