Nebraska LB 38 – Provide for one license plate and In Transit decal per vehicle

Bill No.:
LB 38
Bill Location:
NebraskaAssembly / House
Bill Title:

Provide for one license plate and In Transit decal per vehicle

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UPDATE January 4, 2021: Bill died in chamber

UPDATE August 13, 2020: Action on the bill is postponed indefinitely.

UPDATE January 8, 2020: Title printed, bill carried over to 2020 session.

Legislative Bill 38 was introduced on January 10, 2019 and subsequently was referred to the Legislative Transportation & Telecommunications committee.

The bill would require a single license plate per vehicle rather than the current dual license plate (front and back) standard. There are many reasons for supporting a single license plate standard. Among them:

  • The front license plate is redundant and unnecessary.
  • 19 states have already eliminated the front license plate
  • No state has switched from one plate to two plates in several decades and it is easy to understand why: drivers don’t want to drill holes into the front bumpers of their cars to accommodate an additional plate
  • Requiring one rather than two plates is a revenue-saving measure for the state
  • Important safety technology such as proximity and traffic sensors are present on the front bumpers of modern cars, which impede and can be damaged by attempts to install a front plate
  • It would conserve non-renewable natural resources (aluminum and fuel)
  • One less plate per vehicle means less opportunity for automatic license plate readers used by for-profit data collectors to identify motorists and track their movements


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