North Dakota HB 1264 – Speed limitations on multi-lane highways

Bill No.:
HB 1264
Bill Location:
North DakotaAssembly / House
Bill Title:

Speed limitations on multi-lane highways

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NMA Recommendation:

UPDATE February 13, 2019: Failed after 46 – 46 vote didn’t reach constitutional majority.

UPDATE January 25, 2019: Reported back from Transportation in 8-4-2 vote. Re-referred to Joint Appropriations Committee with no hearing date yet set.

The bill has been introduced to the Joint Transportation Committee. An initial hearing date of January 24, 2019 has been set.

HB 1264 would allow 75 mph speed limits on paved, divided multi-lane highways (unless otherwise permitted, restricted or required by conditions), and 80 mph on access-controlled, paved, divided multi-lane highways (under the same provisions). Current requirements are that those posted limits be 70 mph and 75 mph respectively.


The NMA supports speed limits that are based on the 85th percentile rule of traffic engineering in which the limits are set within 5 mph of the free-flowing speed at which 85 percent of traffic is traveling. If North Dakota has determined that 75/80 mph are these speeds, studies have shown the roads will be a safe, if not safer, with limits that promote natural, consistent travel speeds.

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