Montana HB 190 – Revise local government authority to set school zone speed limits

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MontanaAssembly / House
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Revise local government authority to set school zone speed limits

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UPDATE April 18, 2019: Signed by Governor into law.

UPDATE April 9, 2019: Signed by President of the Senate and transmitted to the Governor.

UPDATE March 30, 2019: Returned to House, signed by Speaker.

UPDATE March 25, 2019: Bill concurred; scheduled for third reading.

UPDATE February 11, 2019: The bill was transmitted to the Senate where it was assigned to the Highways & Transportation Committee.

UPDATE February 6, 2019: The House Transportation Committee passed the bill as amended on a 14-0 vote.

HB 190 was introduced to the House on January 14, 2019 and referred to the Transportation Committee, which held an initial hearing on January 23, 2019.

The NMA opposes the bill because it is another attempt to set lower speed limits arbitrarily rather than by the use of engineering standards. The key clause of the existing state statute that would be amended by HB 190:

The local authority may set a reasonable and safe limit that . . .  (d) decreases the limit in a school zone or in an area near a senior citizen center, as defined in 23-5-112, or a designated crosswalk that is close to a school or a senior citizen center to not less than 80%, rounded down to the nearest whole number evenly divisible by 5, of the limit that would be set on the basis of an engineering
and traffic investigation, but not less than 15 miles an hour. 

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