Minnesota SF 620 – Slow-moving vehicles in left traffic lane penalty imposition

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Slow-moving vehicles in left traffic lane penalty imposition

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UPDATE March 26, 2019: Joint rule 2.03, referred to Senate Rules and Administration

UPDATE March 13, 2019: Committee report: To pass as amended and re-refer to Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy

SF 620 was introduced to the Minnesota Senate on January 28, 2019. The bill has been referred to the Transportation Finance and Policy Committee.

The bill strengthens state law regarding slow-moving vehicles camping in the left lane of traffic. It adds clauses like “must drive in the right-hand lane” for drivers traveling at less than the speed of traffic (as opposed to the posted limit). It also requires the commissioner of public safety to conduct a public awareness campaign on what the NMA refers to as “lane courtesy.”

SF 620 would also impose a fine of $100 or greater on violators of this statute. Traffic fines are often abused and the NMA would rather not see a fine added to this violation but lane courtesy, or “keep right,” is such an important principle for safe, efficient highway travel that any emphasis on compliance can help.

For more information about the real benefits of all drivers practicing lane courtesy, go here.


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