Maryland Senate Bill 297 – Vehicle Laws, Speed Restrictions

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SB 297
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Vehicle Laws - Speed Restrictions - Expressways and Interstate Highways

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UPDATE May 25, 2021: Legislative session adjourned prior to bill receiving any consideration.

This bill was introduced to the Maryland state senate on January 13, 2021 by a Democrat lawmaker. If enacted, the legislation would require all expressways and interstate highways connecting with I-495 and within five miles from those connecting points to have the same maximum speed limit as that of I-495. Additionally, the bill would require that the speed limit in those areas be posted for at least five miles from the point of entrance to or exit from I-495.

While the NMA firmly believes that each roadway should be evaluated separately (because of different characteristics) to determine the proper speed limit posting, the logic of having vehicles equalize speed when entering or exiting a major thoroughfare could have beneficial safety implications. An equalization distance of five miles seems excessive however; two or three miles would serve the same purpose.

The bill is assigned to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. A first hearing by the Committee is scheduled for 11:00 am Eastern on January 27, 2021.


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