Info on how to Raise Speed Limits on KY Rural Divided Highways

Dear NMA Kentucky Members,

Member Shane Wilson has sent this information to the national office and asked that we send it on to Kentucky Members.

Due to an administrative policy change from the Beshear to Bevin administration, the Transportation Cabinet is open to raising rural, divided multilane highways up to 65 MPH based on design and speed studies (85th percentile).

Anyone can contact their local Transportation Cabinet office and request a study be done for a specified roadway. The Transportation Cabinet needs to hear from NMA members in order to begin raising rural divided highways!

Many of these roads have been capped at 55 since the NMSL took effect in the 1970s, and are under posted, reflecting neither the design nor 85th percentile speeds. See below for local Transportation Cabinet office contact information (be sure to reference the maps for the correct office, in case you live near a district border)

(FYI-a district map is at the bottom of first website page)

Shane has also expressed interest in doing some legislative work on NMA issues during the 2017 Kentucky Legislative session and would like to find others to join him.  Contact the national office at for details.

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