Immediate Attention:  STOP the Santa Fe City Council ON STOP Changes

Dear NMA Santa Fe, New Mexico Members,

Did you know that if the current proposed changes to the Santa Fe Traffic Operations Program are approved, your car can be taken away for failure to pay a single speeding ticket on time or for receiving two speeding tickets within the span of two years?  The Santa Fe City Council is holding a public hearing on the STOP Changes on July 12, 2017. If the changes are to be stopped, encourage as many Santa Fe residents as possible to show up at that hearing to voice opposition to the bill”

The following is an actual passage from the proposed ordinance.

(Find the full PDF Here.)

“Failure to pay this fine on time will lead to serious legal consequences including possible loss of your vehicle and the assessment of additional fines and monies due. A second or subsequent STOP violation within two (2) years from the date of this STOP fine notification will lead to increasing fines and penalties including possible loss of the subject vehicle.”

STOP the STOP changes TODAY by emailing and calling your elected council members which can be found HERE and attending the City Council Meeting on July 12, 2017. Sponsors of the proposed ordinance are Councilors Lindell, Harris, Trujillo and Ives. Check out the timeline of information for both the STOP Changes and STOP Restart on this page (halfway down).

Please send this email on to family and friends and get involved today in defeating STOP!

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