For Immediate Attention: Oppose SB172 (Work Zones Cameras) that is now in the House!

Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members,

SB 172
 for speed cameras in work zones has just cleared the PA Senate. The bill now heads over to the PA House Transportation Committee.

Please find the contact information for your PA House member here. Also find the contact information for PA House Transportation Committee members here and ask each member to never allow SB172 to leave the committee.

There is no time to waste in contacting the PA House members, as the state legislature seems to be in permanent session now until the budget gets funded.

  • Read about how cams offer no safety benefit in work zones here.
  • Read an older study showing no benefit to work zone cams is here.

If you want to suggest some policies which can actually improve safety in work zones here are a few:

  • Cease putting stop signs at the ends of acceleration ramps on interstates. It is sheer madness to pull out from a dead stop, especially for a tractor-trailer.
  • Do all night work on interstates. Fewer people=fewer crashes.
  • Post signs for the zipper merge concept. This means you use TWO lanes until you merge into a single lane. Otherwise you will get people backed up miles before the switchover, unnecessary congestion, frustrated drivers pulling back into the open lane, other drivers refusing to allow mergers into the one lane, road rage, etc.

Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Pennsylvania!

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