Immediate Attention: Oppose PA SB 172 Today!

Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members,
Recently, it came out that Rep. John Taylor has been pushing the leadership of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to list SB 172 for a full-chamber vote. This would be disastrous for motorists statewide and in Philadelphia. It would allow speed cameras in work zones across PA and speed cameras along part of US 1 in Philly. THIS BILL CAN PUT SPEED CAMERAS STATEWIDE. The bill has been amended and is now worse than any other piece of camera legislation the state has ever seen. The locations where speed cameras would be allowed has also been increased. There was also a mostly private meeting, which was to plan how to get the bill passed. A lobbying firm has also been hired to further push the bill. This is why we need YOUR HELP!
This story is the latest one with the most detail. It has a Philly angle, but remember that this is one bill, so any House member voting for the bill would be bad for drivers statewide. Keep in mind that this story has a lot of info, but much is not all that accurate. For example, red-light camera areas has more crashes in Philly, as was reported multiple times in the media.
Info for opposing speed cameras has been discussed before, but here is some info from the NMA you can use. The big points are that speed limits are too low, tickets will be issued barely above them, cameras make a lot of errors, safe drivers are cited, and crashes may increase. Can also mention that traffic will divert to other nearby roads and simple engineering tweaks can correct any problems.
So what can you do? Contact the House leadership and say you do NOT want SB 172(about speed cameras) to be listed on the House calendar for a vote. Say you are OPPOSED to speed cameras. Important to say do NOT list the bill.
Write to Speaker Mike Turzai here.
Majority Leader Dave Reed here.
Minority Leader Frank Dermody here.
You can contact all of the House leadership here.
Besides opposing speed cameras, you may also wish to oppose municipal radar, as that has also been mentioned in many media outlets as being part of the House’s goals. If you choose to do this, say you OPPOSE the radar bill SB 251.
Thanks for your help in working towards a pro-driving Pennsylvania!

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