Immediate Attention: Oppose Indiana SB266 and House Resolution 8

Dear NMA Indiana Members,

One bill and one resolution need your immediate attention.

SB266 passed the Senate already and now it will soon be up for a full House vote.  On the face of this bill everything seems fine except for this section:

Provides that a plain clothes law enforcement officer may make an arrest for a violation of: (1) reckless driving causing endangerment; (2) recklessly passing a stopped school bus resulting in bodily injury; and (3) operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a manner that endangers a person

This WOULD let a police impersonator stop a vehicle without wearing a uniform or having a marked vehicle.

Ask your elected officials in the House to vote NO on SB266 as it is currently written. Here is the Legislative Portal to find your elected representative.


Unfortunately, House Resolution 8 has already been voted on unanimously and it will allow a committee to study a ban on texting while driving and also the possible use of speed cameras in work zones. The NMA encourages you to still lodge your opposition to this measure by contacting these three house leaders:

Check HERE for information on NMA’s position on Distracted Driving.

Check HERE for information on the NMA position on speed cameras (works for cameras in work zones).

Jim Pressel with email at

Charles Mosely–his email is a portal located

Ed Soliday–his email is a portal located

Thank you for your continuing support of motorists’ rights in Indiana.

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