Immediate Attention: Call TODAY Florida House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Member to ASK for their Support of HB 6003–the Banning of Red-Light Cameras!

Dear Florida NMA Member,

The banning of red-light cameras is heating up in the Florida Legislative.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019 the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee plans to discuss HB 6003 at their 1:30 meeting.

Here are the NMA Objections to Red-Light Cameras for your use.

We urge you to call the members of this committee and ask them to support HB 6003 to repeal red-light cameras in Florida.

*Indicates committee leadership


Representative Brad Drake (R )*              (850) 717-5005

Representative Colleen Burton (R)*    (850) 717-5040

Representative Thad Altman (R)          (850) 717-5052

Representative Mike Caruso [R]         (850) 717-5089

Representative Stan McClain [R]        (850) 717-5023

Representative Toby Overdorf [R]    (850) 717-5083

Representative Bobby Payne [R]         (850) 717-5019

Representative Mel Ponder [R]               (850) 717-5004

Representative Rick Roth [R]                   (850) 717-5085

Representative Charlie Stone [R]       (850) 717-5022


Representative Geri Thompson (D)* (805) 717-5044

Representative Mike Caruso (D)        (850) 717-5089

Representative Fentrice Driskell (D)   (850) 717-5063

Representative Dianne Hart (D)            (850) 717-5061

Representative Adam Roger Hattersley (805) 717-5059

Representative Tina Scott Polsky         (805) 717-5081


Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Florida and let’s work together to ban red-light cameras for good in 2019!

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