IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Call Governor Today about Repeal of Red-Light Cameras

Dear NMA Texas Members,

We received this Campaign for Liberty letter yesterday asking Texans to advocate by calling or emailing Governor Greg Abbott to insist that red-light camera repeal be put on the agenda for the upcoming special session in Texas.

Do your part TODAY to help get rid of this money grubbing activity kicked out of your great state!  If you need more information about why the NMA opposes red-light cameras, click here.

Call or write the Governor AS SOON AS YOU CAN—


Email Governor Abbott here.

Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Texas!



Campaign for Liberty’s founder Ron Paul and Texas Campaign for Liberty have signed on to a coalition letter urging the governor to include Red Light Camera Repeal in the upcoming special session. This letter was hand delivered directly to the governor’s office just last week.

Fifty-eight allied organizations signed onto the letter and are calling for the governor to take action.

Ever since the use of red light cameras was first slipped into Texas statutes through unethical wheeling and dealing, Texas drivers have seen:

· Increasing accidents;

· A federal bribery scandal; 

· Denial of the right to a trial by jury; 

· Denial of the right to confront one’s accuser; 

· Interference with Texas elections; 

· Violations of the presumption of innocence. 

But despite all the abuses by local municipalities and the many years a traffic camera ban has been supported in the Texas GOP platform, legislators in Austin have saved the cameras by either watering down or killing legislation that would protect Texas drivers.

Governor Abbott made red light camera legislation part of his original campaign platform when he released this statement:

“Big brother is not only collecting and selling your information, he is also watching you as you drive through traffic lights. Both the advocates of red light cameras and detractors have a point. One emphasizes safety, the other privacy. But I believe it should be up to you the people to decide whether red light cameras are right for your community. So I propose changing Texas law to allow voters the option to repeal red light camera ordinances by voter-initiated referendum.”

It’s time to remind Governor Abbott to live up to his campaign promises and the Texas Republican Party Platform and end this Big Brother spy program — as he calls it — during the upcoming special session.

Please contact Governor Abbott today:


Email Governor Abbott here.

Many of the special session issues deal with overreaching municipal authority. The cities holding these contracts with red-light camera vendors say these cameras are for safety and not for revenue, but that data does not support their argument.

Innocent Texas drivers are having their rights violated and their pockets picked every day, and we cannot tolerate this for two more years. It must stop now!

Please contact Governor Abbott today.

For Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck
Texas State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. You and I must hold Texas Governor Abbott to the Republican Party Platform and his own campaign promise to ban red light cameras in Texas. Contact him today!


Email Governor Abbott here.


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