Iowa House Bill 494 – Operating Motor Vehicles in the Left-Most Lane

Bill No.:
HF 494
Bill Location:
IowaAssembly / House
Bill Title:

A Bill for an Act Relating to the Operation of Motor Vehicles in the Left-Most Lane of Certain Roadways, and Making Penalties Applicable

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NMA Recommendation:

UPDATE June 16, 2021: Bill died in committee.

House Bill 494 was referred into the House Transportation Committee on April 15, 2021. It is a Lane Courtesy measure that sets conditions under which it is legal and illegal to drive in the left-most lane of a roadway. Specifically, the bill states that a vehicle may not be driven in the furthest left lane of a roadway when it is being overtaken from behind. Certain exceptions apply, such as when hazards or road conditions make driving in the right lane impractical.

The NMA supports this legislation since Lane Courtesy promotes smooth traffic flow, reduces road rage incidents and traffic accidents, and increases fuel efficiency.

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