Florida HB 6003 – Traffic Infraction Detectors (repeal use of red-light cameras)

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FloridaAssembly / House
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Repeals provisions relating to Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program & authorization to use traffic infraction detectors; repeals provisions relating to distribution of penalties, transitional implementation, & placement & installation; conforms cross-references & provisions to changes made by act.

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UPDATE April 2, 2019: The Senate bill, SB 622, was discussed in a public hearing today held by the Senate Infrastructure & Security Committee. Because the votes didn’t appear to be favorable for passage out of the committee, the bill sponsor withdrew SB 622 from consideration. That effectively killed that bill and HB 6003 for the 2019 legislative session.

UPDATE March 5, 2019: The bill has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee and introduced to the full House.

HB 6003, a bill that would repeal authorization to use red-light cameras in the state, was introduced to the House on December 20, 2018 and referred to the Appropriations Committee on January 23, 2019. Note that its counterpart bill in the Senate, SB 622, was introduced to that body on January 30, 2019.

In many recent Florida legislative sessions, bills similar to HB 6003 and SB 622 have been introduced and approved overwhelmingly by the House only to be blocked in Senate committee by two ticket camera proponents who are no longer in a position to block these bills.

HB 6003 was passed out of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee by a 12 to 1 vote. SB 622 has not come up for a committee vote yet but the two bills are essentially identical.



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