Call Senate Reps today to Oppose SB 1098 Stop Arm Cams on School Buses

Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members,

This Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee will hold a vote on a terrible bill to allow stop-arm cameras to ticket people who illegally pass school buses.

This bill is SB 1098. Keep in mind that we currently allow surveillance cameras, which can be shown to police. This bill automates the process and will ticket for technicalities, minor infractions, and there could be errors. Tell the senators to vote NO.

Illegal school bus passing is rare, and if it occurs, it is likely not intentional. Very few serious injuries or deaths occur.

There are no minimum yellow flash times, nor will you get any extra time on a higher speed road (so yellow could be too short.) These will be split-second tickets if you are anywhere near the bus. The bill automatically assumes the driver was the “violator.” This cannot occur, if the penalty is a criminal violation, which is what this bill seems to call for.

Unsure if the bill will allow tickets for stopping too closely to the bus, or if bus is on an intersecting road. Who will manually reject the tickets for divided roads, when you do NOT need to stop? The cams will still go off. Please note that the instant the reds come on, you cannot be anywhere near the bus. This is also an odd situation for many wide roads and intersections. You may be nowhere near the bus. Same problem for a bus on an intersecting road.

This will encourage people slamming on the brakes, as soon as they see a flashing yellow, which is unsafe. Schools should be more concerned with the buses, themselves.

Why not try the breakaway plastic arm to block the oncoming lane.

The NMA has done three separate newsletters on this topic, which are herehere, and here.

There is also a separate NMA look at stop-arm cameras here.

You can contact the two key members of Senate Transportation here and here.  Contact the whole committee here.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, contact your own PA State Senator.

Letters to the editor, to be printed in newspapers, also help.

Thank you for fighting for the rights of drivers in Pennsylvania and your continuing support of the National Motorists Association!

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