Support SM 2036 TODAY!

Need to Support SM 2036 TODAY
Dear NMA Illinois Members,

If you would like to see a 75 mph speed limit on Interstates 80 and south and 355 and west, please file a witness slip to support SB 2036 that will be discussed during the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee tomorrow.

Here is the procedure:

Go to the General Assembly dashboard website

• On the left hand side there will be an option for Senate and then Committee Hearings

• Then on the top they will have options for Today, Week, Month, and Previous. If you are filing your witness slip today (Monday) then click Week. If you’re filing tomorrow (Tuesday) then chose Today or Week.

• Click on View Hearing Details next to Transportation.

• There will be a list of the bills posted for committee this week. For each bill there is an option for View Witness Slips and Create Witness Slips. Click on Create and this is where you fill in your information.

Thank you for your support!

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