Time to Speak Up or Face the Possibility of Another National Maximum Speed Limit: NMA E-Newsletter #405

Several members have registered their opposition to a NHTSA proposal to cap the maximum speed of trucks following this NMA email alert on October 1st.  We hope more do the same before the public comment period ends on November 7th to help counteract a growing number of calls for a federal mandate that all vehicles […]

Oppose SB627

Dear NMA MI Members, Contact (email, write or call) your state senator today to OPPOSE SB627. This bill, SB627, could be up for a vote next week when the Michigan State Senate meets for three days. Senate Bill (SB) 627 might be going to the chamber. If passed, SB627 would authorize toll taxes and open […]

Don’t (Snap)Shoot Yourself in the Foot: NMA E-Newsletter #404

from Gary Biller, NMA President Let’s take a little quiz, one that I’ve given to a few audiences during NMA presentations. First question: Do you feel that you are a better-than-average driver? Second question: Would you consider enrolling in a program like Progressive’s Snapshot in which the insurance company offers a discounted premium for better […]

Pennsylvania Legislative Alert for October 7, 2016

Dear NMA Members from the great state of Pennsylvania, Very soon, the Pennsylvania General Assembly will come back to wrap up the entire session. Sadly, it is not good news for Pennsylvania motorists. Despite objections from NMA members, Governor Wolf earlier this year signed the bill to extend red-light cameras until 2027. Now the mad […]

November 8th Vote Alert for Wayne, Oakland, Macomb & Washtenaw Counties

Dear NMA Members who live in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties and/or who have friends and family that do. Please vote NO on the 20 year Regional Transit Authority millage on November 8th and encourage anyone living in the four county area to vote NO.  Elected officials have devised a new tax scheme that […]