Personal Space Invasion—What Gives?: NMA E-Newsletter #393

Remember August 15th as the first of days where personal space is no longer personal. For example, the inside of our car is one of the best personal spaces that we all have. Sometimes it is the only place where we can be alone with our thoughts, where we can rock out with our tunes […]

Oppose MA S.2430 — Contact Your State Senator Today

Dear Massachusetts Members, Absolutely critical that you contact (email or call) your State Senator today!   Otherwise you may soon be facing reductions to 20 to 25 mph limits in your Massachusetts town without any engineering justification!  Click Here to find your State Senator! MA Activist John Carr states that the following are the critical […]

Respect is a Two-Way Street: NMA E-Newsletter #392

Something has to change. In a day and age when traffic stops become literal life-and-death episodes, or at least become the spark that can set off a tinderbox of protest and violence, the interactions between police and motorists need to be examined more closely. Jim Walker, perhaps the NMA’s most prolific member in lobbying for […]

Massachusetts Senate votes for parking price gouging

The Massachusetts Senate has taken up the municipal government reform act. Although the 20 mph speed limit has been temporarily removed — pending amendments would reinstate it — it has been replaced with a section encouraging cities to use high parking fees to subsidize anti-motorist policies. The bill in its current form is Senate 2410. […]

Jeep Shifter Recall: NMA E-Newsletter #391

By K.C. Green, P.E., NMA North Carolina Member I think that Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) has been unfairly criticized for the (joystick-style) shifter in the 2014 and 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees, and as a result, they’ve made a change to the shifter in their 2016 Grand Cherokees that I’m not real keen on. Unless you’ve been living […]