Shenanigans Continue with Red-Light Cameras: NMA E-Newsletter #385

Red-light cameras are the biggest local boondoggle ever.  Lafayette, Louisiana was recently in the news because the city-parish council decided to extend their red-light camera program another year despite the fact that $12.4 million dollars had not been collected on over 211,000 photo enforced tickets since the program’s inception nine years ago. But the story […]

Dallas, TX City Council might vote on holding a public referendum on Red-Light Cameras

Dear Dallas & other North Texas Members, We need your help in contacting the Dallas City Council about your feelings on putting the Red-Light Camera Program to a vote by the people.  This will only happen if you voice your opinion as a motorist loud and clear. Dallas City Councilman Phillip Kingston appeared on WBAP-KLIF […]

The March to Automation: Feedback on the Advent of Driverless Car Technology: NMA E-Newsletter #384

The response to our e-newsletter of two weeks ago (Zombie Drivers – Say What?: NMA E-Newsletter #382) has been considerable.  That overall interest in the topic of driverless cars is also reflected by the daily influx of related stories to the NMA newsfeeds that fuel the Driving News sections of our state pages. Before […]

New York Member Alert: AB 9861 wants to expand photo cams in NYC school zones

Dear New York Members (especially NYC members), This bill is currently only in the NY Assembly with 16 cosponsors without a corresponding bill in the Senate.   This bill though has been receiving a great deal of media attention and should be on your radar. AB 9861 has to do with automatic speed cameras in NYC […]

Portland DOT wants your input on two online surveys! Participate Today!

Dear Members, The Portland Bureau of Transportation wants your input on two very important issues: theClinton Street traffic diverters and Vision Zero. They’ve released an online survey for each of them and we’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes and fill them out.   When PBOT installed traffic diverters on SE Clinton […]