3 Alerts From the TX Tag

Volunteer to help ban Red-Light Cameras in Fort Worth!

Dear NMA Texas Members, This Volunteer Alert is from TrashYourTicket.com. Thank you for your support for TrashYourTicket.com. You already know we help educate the public that red light camera tickets are purely optional. We also help connect people that want to help rid Texas of red light cameras starting in their city. I have some […]

Texas Appeals Court Rejects Challenge To Implied Consent Law

Requiring motorists to undergo a breath test at a a police officer’s request does not offend due process or the constitution, according to a ruling handed down last week by the Texas Court of Appeals. A three-judge panel weighed five arguments John Andrew Rankin posed in a failed attempt to strike down the state’s implied […]

Dallas, TX City Council might vote on holding a public referendum on Red-Light Cameras

Dear Dallas & other North Texas Members, We need your help in contacting the Dallas City Council about your feelings on putting the Red-Light Camera Program to a vote by the people.  This will only happen if you voice your opinion as a motorist loud and clear. Dallas City Councilman Phillip Kingston appeared on WBAP-KLIF […]