4 Alerts From the tolls Tag

NMA needs your input on MA Cashless Tolling

Dear NMA Massachusetts Members, Last October the Massachusetts Turnpike switched to all-electronic tolling (AET). Now that state commuters are several months into traveling a cashless turnpike, we are interested in hearing your feedback — positive or negative — on how that is working out for drivers. More states will undoubtedly be transitioning to AET in […]

The Jigsaw Future of Car Ownership: NMA E-Newsletter #416

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director Owning a car has always been one of those milestones in a person’s life. When we were kids we dreamed about what kind of car we would own in the future. We dreamed of dragging Main Street so we could visit our friends and crush on each other. We […]

Ask your State Senator to Vote NO on SB627

Oppose SB627

Dear NMA MI Members, Contact (email, write or call) your state senator today to OPPOSE SB627. This bill, SB627, could be up for a vote next week when the Michigan State Senate meets for three days. Senate Bill (SB) 627 might be going to the chamber. If passed, SB627 would authorize toll taxes and open […]