275 Alerts From the TICKET CAMERA Tag

2016 First Quarter Legislative Update: NMA E-Newsletter #376

The NMA continues to advocate for motorists’ rights at the national, state and local level. Legislatures across the country took up a broad range of motorists’ issues in the first quarter of 2016. Here’s a brief summary of the driving-related issues we addressed. Arizona Opposed House Bill 2366 which would revise Arizona’s red-light camera law […]

The Economic Consequences of Photo Enforcement: NMA E-Newsletter #374

Editor’s Note: News that red-light cameras in Jacksonville, Florida, delivered almost $368,000 in profits prompted this recent email exchange between NMA Foundation Executive Director Jim Walker and a city official. Jim’s economic argument against ticket cameras is instructive but clearly fell on deaf ears. His follow-up email is equally powerful. Note the official response to […]

NMA Florida Alert: Full House to Vote on Camera Ban

Good news! House Bill 4027 banning the use of red-light cameras throughout the state has passed through the committee level and will now receive a vote in the full Florida House of Representatives. Red-light cameras are about raising revenue on the backs of motorists, not about improving intersection safety. (Learn more here.) Cities across the […]

NMA New York Alert: Time to Push Back Against Vision Zero

When New York Mayor Bill de Blasio came to office two years ago, he pledged to eliminate all traffic fatalities in the city within 10 years. His plan for doing so, known as Vision Zero, relies on a familiar arsenal of traffic “safety” tools designed to make driving as onerous as possible. These include dropping […]

Never Let a Serious Crisis go to Waste: NMA E-Newsletter #370

The headlines were predictable: “Huge spike in traffic deaths is largest since 1940s”, “Why Are America’s Traffic Deaths Rising So Fast?”, “Rise in traffic deaths last year raises alarm at NHTSA”, “NHTSA seeks new ways to boost safety.” They’re responding to news of a projected 9.3 percent jump in highway fatalities through the first nine […]