5 Alerts From the Red-Light Camera Tag

General Alert, PA Member, for your IMMEDIATE Attention 6.9.17

Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members, June may be the most anti-driver month of 2017, as the state enacts a budget! Some troubling comments were made about using speed cameras to fund the state police, and creating special funds for road projects. The Pennsylvania Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which was put out a few months ago, also […]

NMAlerts is Here!  NMA E-Newsletter #422

On February 9th we released NMAlerts, the enforcement activity app featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Driving Freedoms – the one with the Wizard of Oz meme on the cover. NMAlerts is a new benefit available only to supporting members of the NMA. We have had a lot of fun beta-testing the new app […]

Want to Shut Down Illegal Red-Light Camera Programs in Washington State? Here’s How

I need your help in fighting for the rights of motorists against speed and red light cameras in Washington state. My name is Ian Jordan and I live in Lake Forest Park, near Seattle. I’ve been an NMA member for almost two decades. A few months ago I received a citation in the mail for […]

Dallas, TX City Council might vote on holding a public referendum on Red-Light Cameras

Dear Dallas & other North Texas Members, We need your help in contacting the Dallas City Council about your feelings on putting the Red-Light Camera Program to a vote by the people.  This will only happen if you voice your opinion as a motorist loud and clear. Dallas City Councilman Phillip Kingston appeared on WBAP-KLIF […]

Red-Light Camera Bill warning motorists ahead by 500 feet in Louisiana House

Senate Bill 357, by Sen. Troy Carter, D-New Orleans, was recommended unanimously in the House Transportation Committee Monday, May 9, 2016.   It already passed the Senate and now is scheduled for full House consideration later this week.  Contact your local house member and voice your opinion today. Just remember your voice does matter but […]