7 Alerts From the PA Tag

Support Philadelphia City Council Bill 180134–allows city council to vote on any modification to an existing bike lane

Dear Philadelphia Area NMA Members, The National Motorists Association would like to encourage you to write, email or call your local Philadelphia councilmember to support Bill 180134 which would require the city council “to approve any modification to an existing bicycle lane that would affect the flow of traffic.” As of February 22, 2018, Bill […]

NMA Pennsylvania Alert: Oppose SB 251 (Allows Local Enforcement to Use Radar and Lidar for Speed Control)

Pennsylvania Residents, Please call your state senator immediately and say to vote NO on SB 251, which would allow municipal police to use radar, as well as all police to use LIDAR. You can find your state senator here. In Pennsylvania, speed limits are not posted anywhere near the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, tickets may be written slightly […]

For Immediate Attention: Oppose SB172 (Work Zones Cameras) that is now in the House!

Dear NMA Pennsylvania Members, SB 172 for speed cameras in work zones has just cleared the PA Senate. The bill now heads over to the PA House Transportation Committee. Please find the contact information for your PA House member here. Also find the contact information for PA House Transportation Committee members here and ask each member to never […]

Pennsylvania Legislative Alert for October 7, 2016

Dear NMA Members from the great state of Pennsylvania, Very soon, the Pennsylvania General Assembly will come back to wrap up the entire session. Sadly, it is not good news for Pennsylvania motorists. Despite objections from NMA members, Governor Wolf earlier this year signed the bill to extend red-light cameras until 2027. Now the mad […]

Pennsylvania DOT wants your input on their Yearly Survey: Deadline August 23

  Dear NMA Motorists from the great state of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation seeks your input on highway safety, traffic safety enforcement and driving behaviors through an online survey. The short survey will be available until August 23.  Pennsylvanians completing the survey may remain anonymous but are asked to supply gender, age and […]