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NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #21

Periodically we receive questions regarding what kinds of information a person is required to give a police officer upon demand. The review and discussion by NMA member Ted Levitt (included below) is a general overview of the topic, in particular …

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #20

Supreme Court Judges & Driving Yesterday morning I was scheduled to do a radio interview for a Chicago public radio station, the subject being our recent press release on the 10 worst states to drive in (I paraphrase). About an hour before the int…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #19

Traffic Ticket Attorneys: A Tip From A NMA Member As a followup to last week’s newsletter on the topic of how to hire a traffic ticket attorney, we thought we would share this tip from one of your fellow members: Additionally, you should contact y…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #18

Hiring A Traffic Ticket Attorney It has long been the position of the NMA that most people, with a little preparation, can represent themselves in a routine traffic ticket situation. They can negotiate with the prosecutor, or go to court, if neces…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #17

Turn Signals, Ticket Cameras, and Breathalyzers Just a few positive bits of news from around the country: The West Virginia Supreme Court dismissed a DUI conviction where the original reason for the stop was failure to use a turn signal. The court…

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