3 Alerts From the New York City Tag

Congestion Pricing Cannot be the Future of Transportation Funding, Part 2: NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #469

To read Part 1, click HERE. New York City (NYC) finds itself in a transportation perfect storm. The subway system is at a breaking point. Residents are abandoning city buses by droves because it’s faster to walk most days. Ridesharing vehicles clog the already snarled streets. At the center of it all: the mayor and […]

How I Fought a $50 NYC Red-Light Camera Ticket from 1400 Miles Away (and made them earn it): NMA E-Newsletter #453

By T.A. Beckett, NMA Arkansas Member Editor’s Note: Mr. Beckett is not an attorney but his mother was a trial lawyer in the New York City area who also taught legal writing and courtroom practice at Hofstra University. He notes that from age 16 until the time he graduated college, he spent time watching her […]

New York Member Alert: AB 9861 wants to expand photo cams in NYC school zones

Dear New York Members (especially NYC members), This bill is currently only in the NY Assembly with 16 cosponsors without a corresponding bill in the Senate.   This bill though has been receiving a great deal of media attention and should be on your radar. AB 9861 has to do with automatic speed cameras in NYC […]