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NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #59

Time to Revisit Sitz vs. Michigan Sitz vs. Michigan is the US Supreme Court decision that officially opened the door for roadblocks in the United States. The Michigan Supreme Courts ruled that DUI roadblocks were unconstitutional. The case was app…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #49

Bambi Alert! Between 1990 and 2007 there has been an increase of 110 percent in highway fatalities, where striking an animal was the initial cause of the accident. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute decided to research th…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #19

Traffic Ticket Attorneys: A Tip From A NMA Member As a followup to last week’s newsletter on the topic of how to hire a traffic ticket attorney, we thought we would share this tip from one of your fellow members: Additionally, you should contact y…

Traffic Attorney, DUI Attorney, and Personal Injury Attorney Testimonials

Sherwin Arzani, Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Sherwin Arzani and his team have over 17 years of personal injury experience helping car accident victims.

New York
The Blanch Law Firm PC

DUI & DWI | Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ron Hedding, San Fernando Valley Criminal & DUI lawyer

Over 25 years experience focused exclusively on criminal law and a track record of success in all San Fernando Valley Courthouses. (213) 542-0940

Michael Goldstein, Los Angeles Criminal & DUI Attorney

Highly skilled criminal defense and DUI law firm with over four decades of combined experience. Call us at 323-461-2000.

Ambrosio Rodriguez,
Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Former prosecutor with over 18 years experience handling all criminal law matters.

Ronald Hedding, Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Premier DUI defense law firm with over 20 years experience in all Los Angeles County Courts. Free consultation 866-986-2092.