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NMA needs your input on MA Cashless Tolling

Dear NMA Massachusetts Members, Last October the Massachusetts Turnpike switched to all-electronic tolling (AET). Now that state commuters are several months into traveling a cashless turnpike, we are interested in hearing your feedback — positive or negative — on how that is working out for drivers. More states will undoubtedly be transitioning to AET in […]

Support SD 2185 TODAY!

Support SD 2185 which would eliminate the front license plate in Massachusetts Dear NMA Massachusetts Members, Don Donovan and Rich Carlson (NMA member)  have, for the fourth time, submitted a single license plate bill (SD.2185) for consideration and it has recently been sent to the Joint Committee on Rules for consideration. If your state senator or representative is […]

Who Will Fix Rural Roads and Bridges? NMA E-Newsletter #413

The chronic underinvestment in infrastructure dates back to the Reagan Administration. Since the 1980’s, public spending on water and transportation infrastructure fell from around one percent to 0.6 percent of the annual U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). Instead of renewing or building additional infrastructure to keep up with population and current technology, government officials have […]

Oppose anti-motorist amendments to H4565

The Massachusetts governor is considering bill H4565, “an act modernizing municipal finance and government.” Among the many provisions, mostly supported by the governor, are two added at the last minute to a “must pass” bill: 1. Cities may lower speed limits to 20 or 25 mph at will, without any reason and without formerly-required state […]

Oppose MA S.2430 — Contact Your State Senator Today

Dear Massachusetts Members, Absolutely critical that you contact (email or call) your State Senator today!   Otherwise you may soon be facing reductions to 20 to 25 mph limits in your Massachusetts town without any engineering justification!  Click Here to find your State Senator! MA Activist John Carr states that the following are the critical […]