19 Alerts From the LICENSE PLATES Tag

NMA E-Newsletter #240: A Member Shares Elegant License Plate Cover Solution

The Internet is full of websites that sell covers and sprays claiming to obscure your license plates from those pesky ticket cameras. We’ve been reluctant to endorse such products since they reportedly don’t work very well, and they may result in drivers running afoul of the law. (More on that below.) But, when we got the […]

NMA E-Newsletter #158: NMA’s 2011 4th Quarter Legislative Update

The NMA has always advocated for motorists’ rights at the national, state and local level. This goes back to our founding in 1982 when we began the fight to repeal the 55 mph Maximum National Speed Limit. Today, we routinely track legislation and …

NMA E-Newsletter #148: Big Brother at Work

The request reads like a shopping list for a counter-terrorism strike: low-light cameras to identify people and vehicles at 100 meters, helmet-mounted cameras, cameras for “use around high-risk activities” and cameras that can read license plates …

NMA E-Newsletter #145: The Light Check

One thing almost all of us never do is systematically check all the lights on the exterior of our car. I know, not a fun or sexy thing to do, but it can save you from unimagined grief. Along with the safety consequences of burned out lights are th…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #106

Reader Feedback On Car Rental Service Fees Several readers provided personal perspectives on the topic of the extra fees charged by rental car agencies (re NMA Email Newsletter #103) for certain options or services, fees that many drivers aren’t a…

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