23 Alerts From the CIVIL Tag

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #85

Making A Difference This headline caught our attention: “Does Ruling Doom Red Light Cameras?” The story postulates that a recent decision by an Orange County, CA appellate court to overturn an earlier red-light running conviction could, in fact, b…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #67

Reaffirming Urban Myths In last week’s e-newsletter (“Relearning Old Lessons”), Jim Baxter described the contesting of a speeding ticket in a small Wisconsin town. The court claimed to never have received a request for a judge substitution. The co…

NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #45

Exposing The Truth About Red Light Camera Programs The National Motorists Association has filed a public records request with Orlando, Florida in order to investigate the city’s red-light camera enforcement program, the largest in the state of Flo…

Traffic Attorney, DUI Attorney, and Personal Injury Attorney Testimonials

Vikas Bajaj, San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Vikas Bajaj has over 17 years experience defending those accused of a crime. Mr. Bajaj handles all criminal law matters and offers a free consultation.

DAG Law Firm

With over 2 decades of experience, our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney can assist with car, motorcycle, semi-truck, pedestrian, & bus accidents.

Boris Lavent, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami personal injury attorney with a proven track record of fighting for car accident victims to make sure they get the money the deserve.

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Kush Arora

A seasoned Maryland traffic lawyer ready to defend you against DUI and reckless driving charges.

Richard Morse III, San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call San Diego personal injury lawyer Richard Morse III for a free consultation.

Ron Hedding, San Fernando Valley Criminal & DUI lawyer

Over 25 years experience focused exclusively on criminal law and a track record of success in all San Fernando Valley Courthouses. (213) 542-0940