10 Alerts From the BANRedLightCamerasNow Tag

Volunteer to help ban Red-Light Cameras in Fort Worth!

Dear NMA Texas Members, This Volunteer Alert is from TrashYourTicket.com. Thank you for your support for TrashYourTicket.com. You already know we help educate the public that red light camera tickets are purely optional. We also help connect people that want to help rid Texas of red light cameras starting in their city. I have some […]

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Call Governor Today about Repeal of Red-Light Cameras

Dear NMA Texas Members, We received this Campaign for Liberty letter yesterday asking Texans to advocate by calling or emailing Governor Greg Abbott to insist that red-light camera repeal be put on the agenda for the upcoming special session in Texas. Do your part TODAY to help get rid of this money grubbing activity kicked […]

Trash the Cams in Texas–ACT TODAY

Dear Texas NMA Members, The following is a message from your fellow Texans: The TRASH YOUR TICKET Legislative Team. I need your help. If we don’t do everything we can right now all of our work to get a red light camera ban or at least a bill outlawing registrations bans for unpaid camera tickets […]

Call your Senator TODAY on HB 2525-to ban automatic traffic enforcement in Arizona

Dear Arizona NMA Members, Call and/or email your state senator IMMEDIATELY to support House Bill 2525 which will ban all automatic photo enforcement in Arizona. State Activist Steve Bacs says that last year the state legislature banned photo enforcement on all highways but cities can still use speed cams and red-light cameras. According to the […]

Call or Write today to Support Florida HB 6007–elimination of RLC in Florida by 2020