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Support SM 2036 TODAY!

Need to Support SM 2036 TODAY Dear NMA Illinois Members, If you would like to see a 75 mph speed limit on Interstates 80 and south and 355 and west, please file a witness slip to support SB 2036 that will be discussed during the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee tomorrow. Here is the procedure: Go to […]

Trash the Cams in Texas–ACT TODAY

Dear Texas NMA Members, The following is a message from your fellow Texans: The TRASH YOUR TICKET Legislative Team. I need your help. If we don’t do everything we can right now all of our work to get a red light camera ban or at least a bill outlawing registrations bans for unpaid camera tickets […]

OPPOSE SB 0462 TODAY–Do not let Tennessee have school bus cameras

Immediate Action Needed Today to Oppose SB 0462 Dear NMA Tennessee Members, SB 0462, a bill that allows cameras on school buses, will be voted on by the Tennessee Senate tomorrow, May 4. Please CALL your state senator today and ask him or her to vote NO.  To find your Senator, Click Here! SB 0462 […]

Oppose Vision Zero Bills Now in the Texas Legislature

Dear Texas NMA Members, We normally like to send alerts out on one bill at a time, but Vision Zero Supporters have been quite busy in the both the House and the Senate.  We recommend that you contact your elected representatives (especially if they sit on one of the Transportation Committees) and let them know […]

California Members: Oppose AB 342 which would bring Automatic Speed Cameras to CA

Dear California NMA Members, This is for your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! AB-342, the bill that would allow speed cameras to be used in California, will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection next Tuesday the 28th. http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB342 AB-342 does not simply allow enforcement of speed laws using an automated enforcement system rather […]