I‘ve contacted you folks about a speeding ticket issued by a local police officer on Route 2 in Western MA.

Last week I had the hearing. I presented the MassHighway materials on how speed zones are set; an NHTSA document that I found for Massachusetts discussing that curves and hills speed limits must now be advisory, your information on Route 2. The officer exploded because several people before me went down in flames. He got angry, and I pointed out to the magistrate that the officer was issuing illegal speeding tickets, and that the people in front of me shouldn’t even have gotten whacked. I argued the zone is really advisory speeds and the signs should be changed, and the officer should end his illegal speed trap.

The magistrate said he would take it under advisement, saying he was going to contact MassHighway.

Well, I got the magistrate’s decision today: Not responsible.


Williamstown, MA