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Speed Traps

What Is A Speed Trap?

This article gives a basic definition of a speed trap.

7 Ways To Shut Down A Speed Trap

This article explains several ways to bring public and private wrath down upon the perpetrators of speed traps.

Speed Trap Listings

A listing of speed traps by state from the NMA's Speed Trap Exchange.

Traffic Tickets Are Big Business

Traffic tickets are a multi-billion-dollar industry. As this article explains, they have virtually nothing to do with highway safety, but everything to do with money.

Speed Traps In The News

From time to time, speed traps are exposed in the media. We'll be collecting these stories in this section.

7 Stories of Speed Trap Revenge: These drivers didn't let the authorities get away with their corrupt traffic enforcement practices.
See how the little guys fought back.

This collection of stories will definitely entertain you, but make sure you don't buy into the underlying message. Find out the dangerous myth that these stories perpetuate.

NMA Position on Speed Traps

The NMA opposes the use of enforcement tactics that are intended to generate revenue from technical violations of underposted speed limits.

NMA Speed Traps Fact Sheet

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