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Driving Freedoms NewsletterDriving Freedoms Magazine

This quarterly magazine is a dynamic publication on the subjects of traffic laws, motorist issues, and your rights as a driver.

In each issue, you'll find strategies, tactics, and inside information not available in any other single publication. Many of our members say this benefit alone is worth the cost of membership.  View a sample issue of Driving Freedoms!

Traffic Justice Program Logo.jpgProtection From Unfair Tickets

As part of our Traffic Justice Program, any person who receives a speeding ticket while they are a supporting member of the NMA, fights it in court, and loses, will have that ticket paid for by us!

We offer this program to encourage people to stand up for their rights, fight their tickets, and help us highlight the misguided revenue focus of the current traffic enforcement system.

Free NMA EbookFree NMA Ebook: "Fight That Ticket! A Guide To Fighting Traffic Tickets"

In the members-only section of our website, you can download all three volumes of our guide to fighting traffic tickets. There are nearly 250 pages of information inside, but our guide is a quick read and will leave you well-prepared to fight your ticket in court successfully.

One-On-One Ticket HelpOne-On-One Ticket Help

If you ever have any questions about the ticket-fighting process, and you're a NMA member, you can simply call us at our national office. We've been helping people fight tickets since 1982 and members are the only ones who can tap into our knowledge. The phone number is (608) 849-6000 and our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm CT.

Radar & Laser ExpertsRadar & Laser Experts

Resources available for free to members of the NMA include access to several practicing traffic attorneys, an expert on radar and laser technology, and many others.

These are resources that are extremely hard to find and can be very valuable.

NMA State ActivistsNMA State Activists

These dedicated volunteers monitor, publicize, and lobby critical motorists' issues for you! Their experience with these motorists' issues can be tapped when you need it.

Plus, they can provide great insights on how to best fight a traffic ticket in your state.

NMA Key Return ServiceNMA Key Return Service

Simply attach a small NMA key tag and if your keys are lost, whoever finds them can just drop them in any mailbox. The Post Office will send them to us and we'll send them back to you.

If you lose your keys even once, you're going to be ecstatic that you took the time to become a member of the NMA.

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Driver AdvocacyDriver Advocacy
This is the most important benefit you'll receive. The NMA is the strongest voice of dissent when revenue-motivated traffic laws are being promoted. The more members we have, the stonger and more forceful that voice becomes.

Legislative AlertsLegislative Email Alerts
These alerts will keep you informed about legislation that matters to you as a driver. You will be notified when you need to take action and provided with the information you need to be effective.

Email NewsletterWeekly Email Newsletter
Our entertaining and informative weekly email newsletter will give you an enlightened perspective on driving issues that affect you everyday.

DiscountsSpecial Discounts
By joining the NMA, you'll be able to take advantage of special discounts on Avis and Budget Rent-A-Car services. You'll also get the member price on items in the NMA Store.

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What People Are Saying About Us

We've been featured on CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of newspapers across the country.

"The NMA is a much needed resource to expose the many myths about highway safety perpetrated by government agencies, insurers, and others with an economic agenda that feeds off drivers. NMA is an effective advocate of ALL drivers."
- Todd Spencer, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

"NMA is aggressively defending the rights of motorists in ways that "think tanks" and other membership organizations can't or won't. I'm a member and I encourage everyone who rides or drives to sign up too."
- Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute

"The NMA's goals are of critical importance to every motorist. Our transportation system is governed by powerful stakeholders with embedded interests. The NMA fights bureaucratic hypocrisy, provides strong advocacy, and produces real results."
- Andy Goldfine, Aerostitch Riderwear

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