Fight Speeding Ticket

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket

All The Information You Need In One Simple, Easy-To-Read Guide

The NMA Guide To Fighting Speeding Tickets

Fight Speeding Ticket

You could spend hours scouring Google for useful scraps of information, or you could just...

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Includes two reader-friendly formats:

An easy-to-read ebook format designed to read at your computer and a specially-formatted version that makes it easy to print and save.

To help drivers like you, the staff at the National Motorists Association has put together a comprehensive collection of ticket-fighting information.

What's Included In The NMA Guide?

The guide includes over 250 pages of information on things like:

  • How To Decide On Your Plea
  • How To Prepare For Trial
  • How To Request Information About Your Ticket
  • Whether Or Not To Request A Continuance
  • Information On Different Enforcement Technologies
  • Basic Courtroom Procedures
  • How To Prepare A Defense
  • How To Deal With Errors On Your Ticket
  • Common Radar Errors
  • Using Time-Over-Distance Calcuations In Your Defense
  • Information About The Defense Of Necessity
  • Rules Of Evidence For Beginners
  • Information On Trial By Declaration
  • How To Navigate The Pre-Trial Conference
  • How To Deal With Common Detours & Unexpected Obstacles
  • How To Deal With A Hostile Judge
  • Answers To Dozens Of Frequent Asked Ticket-Fighting Questions
  • A Sample Traffic Court Script
  • More Specific Information On Enforcement Technology
  • Possible Photo Radar Ticket Defenses
  • Sample Discovery, Continuance & Public Records Request Forms

Also available in the following eBook formats:

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If motorists join together in one organization that effectively represents their rights and interests, they will no longer be ignored and exploited by federal, state and local governments. The money that the NMA earns from membership dues and ticket-fighting guide purchases is reinvested in advocacy projects that benefit the driving public.

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7 Mistakes That Most People Make When Fighting A Speeding Ticket

For people who are not experienced with fighting tickets it can be easy to make some of the basic mistakes we've listed in this resource.

How To Fight Your Speeding Ticket With Simple Math

Find out how to use simple time over distance calculations to improve your chances of winning our speeding ticket case in court.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Fighting A Ticket

When you're fighting a speeding ticket, not everything is intuitive. We've put together a quick list of things you might not know about.

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NMA Member Testimonials

In my opinion, the NMA has the potential to become the de facto standard for the best advice short of professional legal representation. Maybe it is already. The NMA seems to have the clout and merit that sets it apart from the rest.
- Scott Shafer, Michigan NMA Member

I joined the NMA, and decided to take my case to court. Without the help of the NMA, I would not have been nearly as prepared or confident when I faced the court. I believe it was the confidence I expressed, the evidence and exhibits I was carrying, and my prepared motion that caused the state's attorney to dismiss the case.
- Mike (last name withheld on request), Illinois NMA Member

The most important thing I did in preparing my appeal (for a speeding charge) was to contact the National Motorists Association, and speak to NMA staff. Based on information they supplied, I formed a research plan. What I found was that there was no scientific study on the visual estimation of speed. The Idaho State Appeals Court (subsequently) found that the evidence was not sufficient to support a finding of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
- David Estes, Idaho NMA Member

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